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Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies conference

Robin Mills Featured Speaker at The 6th Gulf Intelligence Energy Markets Forum on September 22nd, 2016, in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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Oil and gas tensions in the Middle East continue to influence the volatility of the world’s energy markets. The Arabia Monitor Energy, a novel collaborative effort by Qamar Energy and Arabia Monitor, combines macroeconomics, geopolitics and energy intelligence to explain what the region’s energy geo-economics mean for business.





1.     Inside OPEC  

Focussed assessment of the month’s OPEC developments, policy advancements and strategies.


2.     NOC & IOC Analyses

Examination of factors affecting NOC and IOC policies, and their impact on regional diversification schemes.


3.     Spotlight this Month

Targeted reading of the geopolitical, macroeconomic and energy landscape of a MENA country utilising our specialised energy intel.


4.     Scenarios to Watch

Detailed forecast of global oil developments and their impact on the risks and opportunities for MENA’s oil production.


5.     Strategic Implications

Concise summary of major oil trends and their effect on investment strategies under bearish, bullish, and wobble scenarios.


6.     Outlook for the year

Cohesive outlook of the oil production, gas production, renewable energy projects, and geopolitics of key MENA countries.




8 Monthlies

4 Quarterlies

Oil Price Scorecard

MENA Map as per Political Grouping

Headline Developments

Map of New Licensing Rounds

Spotlight this Month

Political & Regional Security Issues

Scenarios to Watch

Oil & Gas Prices Outlook

Projects in the News

Global Barriers to Oil & Gas Production

Macro Dashboard for Oil Exporters/Importers

Deep Dive into OPEC

Outlook for the year

Deep Dive into NOPEC


MENA Energy Investments


MENA Energy Fiscal Systems


MENA Energy Upstream Bidding map


MENA Economic Outlook


Probability Scorecard for Bearish & Bullish Oil Supply/Demand


Investor Implication Scenarios

(Under 3 Oil Price Dynamics)




Energy Traders:

·         What factors will contribute to oil and gas price fluctuations?

·         What is the outlook for oil and gas pricing?

·         What is the outlook for OPEC’s production and export strategy?

·         How are NOCs adapting their oil marketing strategies?


Investment and Risk Analysts:

·         What are the operational risks and investment opportunities in MENA? How do economics, politics, government policy changes, production and export bottlenecks, new oil and gas production, project economics and infrastructure challenges contribute to risk mitigation?


Upstream Firms:

·         What are the chief economic, political and energy policy factors driving/limiting upstream investment decisions and progress?

·         What are the oil supply outlooks for the countries by project?


Downstream Firms:

·         What are the demand challenges, patterns, and trends for oil and oil products?


National Oil Companies:

·         What are future oil and gas pricing trends?

·         What developments will intensify or weaken demand?

·         What are IOCs’ incentives and drawbacks in operating in the country?


Alternate/Renewable Energy Organisations:

·         What are the challenges to renewable energy targets?

·         What is the progress of major renewable energy projects?

·         Are there opportunities for more entrants?


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