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Robin Mills Featured Speaker at The 6th Gulf Intelligence Energy Markets Forum on September 22nd, 2016, in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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Qamar Energy's reports assess how transformative technologies and regulatory policies are shaping energy markets, and outline opportunities with our detailed data supported by in-market insights.


The Natural Gas Sector in the Iraq Kurdistan Region (IKR)

September, 2021


The Iraq Kurdistan Region (IKR) has potential to be a game changer in the regional gas sector by enabling Iraqi energy independence; balancing gas demand efficiently between Turkey, IKR and Federal Iraq; bolstering the regional economy; significantly scaling-down CO2 and fugitive methane emissions, and; aligning the KRG and federal government, thereby improving Iraqi national governance.


This report establishes a roadmap for the Kurdish Natural Gas Sector to strengthen it through opportunities for a cleaner and more secure energy future.


The UAE's Role in the Global Hydrogen Economy

September, 2021


The UAE is well-placed to take an early-mover advantage in global hydrogen production, and is pursuing a balanced strategy covering both "blue" and "green" hydrogen. The UAE and its corporate entities have been highly active since late 2020 in developing global partnerships to expand the local hydrogen value chain. 


This report presents an analysis of the hydrogen industry in the UAE covering strategic opportunity, market development, projects and partnerships, and cost-competitiveness. 


We are grateful to the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Mubadala Investment Company, and Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company (ADQ) for their support in the preparation of this publication. 


Hydrogen in the GCC

November, 2020


The GCC's ample low-cost land, oil and natural gas extraction, and capital; combined with the existing industrial capacity, excellent solar and wind resources, and its close proximity to high-growth markets positions it as a potential major hydrogen producer and exporter.


The report explores the hydrogen value chain across the GCC and how opportunities in hydrogen transport, storage, research and development can be unlocked. 


The Solar Market across the GCC

June, 2021


The adoption of solar technologies in the utility-scale, offshore, distributed, and off-grid segments are a key "strategic and economic security" feature of renewable energy policies across the GCC. These policies have opened various market opportunities in the regional residential, agriculture, and industrial sector.   


The report analyses trends in the solar industry across the GCC, and highlights market opportunities for European entities across different segments.


DWF - Creating a Market for Hydrogen

March, 2021


Hydrogen is a powerful energy vector, identified by the European Commission as an integral component of meeting the Paris Agreement's goals on decarbonisation.


DWF and Qamar Energy examine the levers that could unlock opportunities in the hydrogen industry across Europe.