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Robin Mills Featured Speaker at The 6th Gulf Intelligence Energy Markets Forum on September 22nd, 2016, in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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Watch our CEO, Robin Mills, discuss the current state of the energy sector and the impacts of rising energy costs and high LNG demand.



Watch our CEO, Robin Mills, present on the Future of Oil and Gas in Times of Conflict for Cognisium, and what Russia's actions in Ukraine mean for energy providers, energy policy, and new technologies such as hydrogen.




Robin Mills on UAE Hydrogen for CNBC Arabiya




With OPEC+ extension into July, flexibility will be key in the future


How MENA economies can survive the triple crises of Covid-19, oil market volatility and climate change


The pandemic has made the importance of China's energy markets even clearer


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Investing in energy and projects helped pave the way out of the Great Depression: it can now help build a greener world


Why gas can emerge from negative pricing and the Covid-19 crisis as the major future hydrocarbon


Negative oil markets show a global oil market under unprecedented strain


With the new OPEC+ deal, it's the long-term that matters


The big question facing the oil industry is when when will demand come back


Why consolidation will be key for oil companies


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How geology is helping Middle East oil and gas explorations


Economic challenges a priority as Oman looks to life after Sultan Qaboos


Iran, Iraq, and Suleimani: How will things play out for energy markets?


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Listen to our CEO, Robin Mills, share his views on Iraq's lagging OPEC+ compliance, struggling oil revenues, and a prolonged economic crisis in an exclusive Iraq Energy Institute webinar on June 18! Register here.


Our CEO, Robin Mills, shares his views on the challenges the MENA region faces from the dual impact of low oil prices and the coronavirus outbreak on CSIS's Energy 360 segment.


Read the summary of the IAI's 27 April virtual expert briefing on the impact of the oil crisis on the MENA region with our CEO, Robin Mills.


Missed the DMCC Webinar where our CEO, Robin Mills, shares his views on Renewable Energy in a post COVID-19 world? Watch it here.


Tune into the exclusive webinar hosted by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) on May 19, to listen to our CEO, Robin Mills, share his views on Renewable Energy in the Middle East post COVID-19


Is it the end of the Middle East's gas demand boom? How does the economic downturn, and rise in efficiency and alternatives impact gas's long-term outlook? Read our CEO, Robin Mills', new report for the Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy, Under a Cloud: The Future of Middle East Gas Demand


Join the AGSIW's virtual panel discussion in partnership with Columbia University's Center on Global Energy Policy on April 21, 2020, to listen to our CEO, Robin Mills, share his expert analysis on the historic OPEC+ deal and its impact on the oil market


Listen to our CEO, Robin Mills, share his views on what negative oil prices mean for the MENA region and how major producers are coping