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Lebanese Centre for Policy Studies conference

Robin Mills Featured Speaker at The 6th Gulf Intelligence Energy Markets Forum on September 22nd, 2016, in Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

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  • Energy policy, strategy and governance for a UAE government entity covering oil, gas, electricity, renewable energy and efficiency
  • In-depth analysis of UAE’s gas sector outlook with the introduction of new power generation methods (renewables and nuclear)
  • Quarterly updates on oil and gas production, outlook and political situation in the Middle East
  • Quarterly updates on OPEC’s current and future strategies, intra-OPEC competition and exports
  • Due diligence for investors partnering with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait energy companies
  • Monthly updates on energy developments and implications for IOC operating in Middle Eastern country and strategic recommendations on business development, lobbying and government relations services
  • Monthly reports on energy sustainability and efficiency to GCC think tank 
  • Analysis of the government takes and IRR of E&P projects across all MENA
  • Study of the oil storage market in the UAE and surrounding region
  • Analysis of a Middle Eastern county’s oil and gas production forecasts up to 2035 by different scenarios, expected start-up and CAPEX requirements of new fields
  • Country analysis reports on North Africa’s economic, political and energy developments including oil and gas production, new project timelines, and domestic energy security challenges.
  • Study of the outlook for corrosion-resistant alloys in oil country tubular goods (OCTG) for a leading private equity group
  • Analysis of the MENA region's significant oil & gas projects, issues and outlook for a leading private equity group
  • Study on the East Mediterranean gas industry: supply-demand balance and forecasts, regulation and politics
  • Detailed study of the gas, oil and energy markets in Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Turkey, and strategy development for commercialisation of discoveries and export routes
  • Regular analysis of Middle East oil and gas markets and related political issues
  • Study of Iraqi oil and gas industry and forecasts for production
  • Study of the market for hydraulic fracturing projects & services in the MENA region
  • Study of E&P opportunities in the MENA region
  • Advice to investors and capital advisors on Middle East oil and gas developments and overview of Middle East oil and gas outlook and challenges
  • Extensive fieldwork in Baghdad and Erbil on improving EU-Iraq energy relations
  • Field research in Yemen on a major oil company’s gas operations



  • Study of Middle East gas export option
  • Study of Middle East/North Africa gas pricing methodologies
  • Energy strategic and policy study for government entity in the UAE including the current and future outlook of oil and refined products, gas, LPG, electricity, water, alternative energy, energy efficiency, and energy governance sectors 
  • Expert witnesses for two Middle East gas arbitrations



  • Study on Middle Eastern petrochemical market, existing and planned capacity of methanol, forecasted supply and demand of methanol and gas feedstock supply for petrochemicals
  • Historical and forecasted refinery capacity, supply and demand by consumer, and pricing for crude oil and refined products in Federal Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Turkey. Analysis of market fundementals and dynamics of supply and demand in each country
  • Assess downstream infrastructure market for a Gulf government and recommend options to improve transportation and distribution with required enablers


Alternative Energy and Environment:

  • Report on the global and Gulf governance of carbon capture and storage
  • Landmark report on the prospects for carbon capture and storage in MENA
  • Advisory on UAE’s Green Growth initiative, creating federal/emirate-level strategy for balancing economic growth with environmental and social aspirations
  • Widely-discussed report in cooperation with PWC and the Emirates Solar Industries Association, on the new competitiveness of solar photovoltaic power in the Middle East



  • Electricity capacity, supply and demand forecasts for East Mediterranean region
  • Electricity capacity, supply and demand forecasts for Federal Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Turkey by power plant and fuel type
  • Electricity price analysis (historical and forecasted) in the Middle East